Battery Replacement and Services

Full Electrical System Diagnostic

If you suspect your battery may have died, our team of technicians will perform a full electrical system diagnostic. This will tell us whether your vehicle is due for a battery replacement, or whether it has an issue with a component of the electrical system.

Cost & Choice of Replacement Battery

Depending on your vehicle make and model, we will determine the type, size, voltage, and other specifications of battery that will suit your car. The cost of a battery replacement depends on year, make, model, and type of the battery.

Our Car Battery Replacement and Battery Service Includes:

  • A printed or emailed diagnostic electrical system and battery test report
  •  Proper disposal/recycling of old batteries
  • Replacement with fresh batteries

You may need battery replacement or battery services if:

  • Your vehicle doesn’t start
  • Battery or charging system warning light turns on
  • Electrical components are malfunctioning

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